Se habla español? Do you want to preserve your legacy and protect your family? You found the right attorney.

Peace of Mind and Protection for the Future with Attorney Vivian Ross-Bennett

Whether you’re a retiree thinking about your legacy, a business owner looking to protect yourself should the worst happen, a family member of someone who recently passed away, or just anyone who is thinking about the future, you found the right attorney. Vivian Ross-Bennett will work with you closely to find the best legal solution for your needs. By keeping her firm small, she gets to know her clients better. Look no further for a Texas attorney who truly puts you and your family first.

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She Knows the System

Vivian learned the ins and outs of the probate system through her seven years as a probate court judge. She can help guide you and your family through the complicated probate process. She also knows how to help you plan your estate to save time and trouble in probate.

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