For older people or the families of older people, changing life circumstances often lead to a need for legal assistance. In many families, making important legal decisions sits on the back burner until a medical or financial crisis arises. However, older people can benefit greatly from doing some advance planning.

Examples of the types of legal help that older people may need include:

  • Planning for retirement or planning during retirement;
  • Drafting a will or trust to pass on assets to the people they choose;
  • Drafting a medical or durable power of attorney to ensure that a family member can make medical or business decisions if needed;
  • Enacting a living will to ensure their wishes will be carried out;
  • Dealing with legal issues associated with obtaining state and federal benefits;
  • Making end-of-life arrangements so that they are remembered in the way they choose;
  • Determining how a pet will be cared for upon their passing; and
  • Setting up a guardianship or conservatorship because they need some help taking care of themselves.

Different states have different requirements for these legal devices. Rather than using pre-printed forms, families should consult a qualified attorney who practices elder law in the state where the older person lives. Attorneys can craft legal documents that help protect older people for the future and pass down their legacy to their families.



Attorney Vivian Ross-Bennett practices elder law in Texas’ Travis, Hays, and Williamson Counties and South Carolina. If you or a relative could use some help with the issues listed above, make a plan now – don’t wait until your family has a medical or financial crisis. Call Vivian Ross-Bennett at (512) 330-4099 or email her today to learn how you and your family can benefit from estate or retirement planning, drafting a will, signing a power of attorney, and more.


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